A NEW way to wow people instantly

9th April 2024

Who would you most like to reply to you, more quickly?

  • A colleague who won’t reply to your emails?
  • A boss who won’t give you feedback on something you’ve asked for?
  • A stranger who won’t respond to your introductory email?
  • A contact who said they’d “get back to you”… but haven’t. And now they’re ghosting you…

When this happens, what’s your best option?

  1. Chase them, and feel like you’re pestering?
  2. Or wait for them to respond, and feel frustrated and impotent (also, what if they don’t reply?)

Neither’s good. So, instead, here’s a new, simple way to speed them up:

      Use the word “NEW”


  • “Last week, you said you want to (insert their priority). I’ve done some research, and found three NEW things we can do, to ensure you achieve it. When’s good for you, for us to have a quick call to explore these?”
  • “I’ve had three NEW ideas about what we discussed. When shall we have a quick call to explore these?”
  • “Please can I ask your advice? It’s a question about (problem X)… I think I’ve found a NEW solution for us. But I’m not sure it will work; and I’d love to run it past you. When’s good for you, for a quick chat?”
  • (Or use this email title) – “Some new thoughts about (insert their priority) – might these help?”

(And, when sending these ‘NEW’ messages – use the best communication channel – a WhatsApp, email, call…)

Why does the word ‘NEW’ work?

Well, it triggers intrigue. People want to know what this NEW thing is.

Also, you have NEW value to bring them – so they’re now more likely to think it’s in their interest to want to chat again.

And does it work?

Yes – brilliantly. It already has done – look at this Tip’s title!

Action Point

Use the word “new” to chase-up that Annoying Person who won’t reply to you.

It might well work. And it definitely won’t make things worse – after all, they can’t “not reply” to you more than they are doing!

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