A PowerPoint trick from roadside protesters!

27th August 2019

When you see protest marches, people often carry signs and banners.

None contain hundreds of words, in small illegible letters, using crappy typeface, copied from a different protest they did last week.

Instead, their visuals are punchy, eye-catching, contain only key words, and are created just for this demo.

Which of these last two paragraphs sound most like your PowerPoint slides?!

A simple rule with slides: if you want eye-catching slides, do things that catch audience’s eyes. There are three rules:

  1. Fewer words – include key phrases only. Move your long sentences off your slide and into your mouth. That way, your audiences hear you say them (interesting), not have to read them (dull)
  2. Nicer visuals – no wordy bullet points. Use SmartArt (in the Insert tab). Or get impressive images online – anything that’s visually interesting
  3. Better titles – make them compelling. Example: “our three promises to you” beats “our deliverables”

Action Point

Apply these three rules to every slide in your next presentation. It’ll be easier for you to present. And it’ll be easier for your audience to care.

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