A secret: here’s what companies say are their biggest Sales and Marketing challenges

8th October 2015

Their answers were really insightful.

In fact, they’re a great ticklist for what every modern business needs to know.

And they’re also a great ticklist for Drayton and me to cover, to ensure we deliver what every modern business – like yours – needs to know.

Here are some of them:

For Drayton’s slot…

  • Contacting cold (and very busy) prospects, including boosting conversion from email marketing, how to overcome early objections
  • Alumni/loyalty club
  • Get more sales from our site
  • How to write long copy sales pages
  • How to get business from webinars, including getting bums on seats
  • Get the basics in place, to market a new business – site, brochures etc.
  • Sales and marketing strategy/processes for winning work but making sure it’s professional
  • How to engage people with your marketing collateral
  • How to create compelling copy when you have very technical content
  • How to phrase benefits in compelling ways
  • How to stand out, but be nice

For mine…

  • Written proposals, including what if you’re unknown, and how to sell value/align priorities
  • The mindset/script for closing business
  • Sales pitches
  • Selling to existing customers
  • Referrals
  • Getting international sales from UK clients
  • How to mention price early, to pre-qualify
  • Bundling services into packages with different price points
  • Mindset/scripts to ask for meetings
  • Putting benefits in compelling ways
  • Building trust and longevity

But we’re covering so much more than this.

Have a look, to see what everyone will be learning. And what you could learn too.

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