A special offer for all Tuesday Tippers

12th July 2016

I’m really excited about today’s Tip…

We’ve transformed my online video club. It now contains over 140 videos of me explaining simple ways to communicate/sell better.

The idea of each video is that – as one of my customers said:

“I watch them. I instantly apply what I just learned. And then watch my sales progress to closure. It’s that quick.”

And International Speaker Chris Hughes wrote:

“I’ve been delivering conference presentations for 14 years. But I’ve had the most amazing feedback since watching Andy’s videos. His content, wisdom and humour make them incredibly valuable and enjoyable.”

We’re about to tell everyone about the new club. But, as a Tuesday Tipper, you get to see it first.

The Tuesday Tip Special Offer – for today only

If you join the club today (I’ll explain how below), forward me your confirmation email and I’ll send you ‘Winning Proposals’ – my 17-page, professionally-designed step-by-step guide to creating proposals that win.

Action point

Please have a look at the new site. Let me know what you think.

And, if you join today, forward me your confirmation email and we’ll send you ‘Winning Proposals’ immediately.

Here’s the link: Andy’s new video club

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