Are you ‘working from HOME’ or ‘living in WORK’?

30th June 2020

Here’s a phrase I’m hearing more and more:

       “I’m not enjoying being at home as much as I used to”

When I ask why, it’s clear people don’t feel they’re ‘working from HOME’. Instead, they’re ‘living in WORK’.

  • “I can’t get away from work”
  • “I wake up thinking about it”
  • “I do emails too late at night”
  • “I go to my office too early in the morning”

Sound familiar?

If so, these will help:

  • NO-GO AREAS. Be clear where/when you CAN’T work. Not in Room X. Not after Y pm. No phones in the bedroom.
  • CREATE VARIETY. Workplace life is varied – lots of bustle and noise. This doesn’t happen at home. So build variety into your day. Take breaks. Leave the room. At the very least, stand-up every hour!
  • DIARISE ‘HOME’. We always do what’s in the diary! So schedule ‘home time’ in the diary! Then treat ‘home’ like your most important customer. Never bump it!
  • MEET MORE, SHORTER. We need social interaction. So meet more often, but for less time. Replace the weekly one-hour meeting with two half-weekly, half-hour ones.

The better we work from HOME, the better for us, our families and colleagues.

Time for a change?

Action Point

Work from HOME. Don’t live in WORK!

And here are more ideas how to get more done in less time andyboundsonline.

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