AT LAST – the only way to avoid Death By PowerPoint

25th September 2018

People use slides as either:

  1. Presentation visuals, where you stand next to the slides; or
  2. Standalone docs, where you email them

These are very different:

  1. The first slide-set mustn’t tell the whole story, or there’s no point you being there
  2. But the second must tell the whole story, because you aren’t there to fill in the blanks

And it’s impossible to create slides that simultaneously tell only some of the story (#1) whilst also telling all of it (#2).

Which is a problem if you’re presenting slides to a group (so need #1), which you’re also forwarding to others who can’t attend (so need #2).

The only solution?

Create two slide-sets

Since neither set can do both jobs, you need two sets. And it’s easy to do:

  1. Create the full version (#2). Print it for your speaker notes. And email it to everyone after your presentation. And then…
  2. Create a speaker version (#1), by getting the #2 version, and pressing “delete” a lot, keeping only a few, key words on each slide

Doing this is quicker than having only one set:

  1. Your live audience engages more because you aren’t reading at them
  2. Your remote audience has all the info they need

Which means…

Action Point

…In your next presentation where some of your audience will see you present, but some won’t, create two slide sets.

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