Be more helpful – don’t just say “Goodbye”

7th March 2023

An easy, quick, super-useful one today…

Most meetings end very ‘finally’. Something like:

       “This meeting is over. Goodbye”

But a nicer, better ending is to say instead:

       “Before we go, how else can I help you?”

The only answers to this are:

  1. “You can”
  2. “You can’t”
  3. “I don’t know”

If it’s “You can”, ask them how. And then help them! They’re now getting more help. You’re now being more helpful.

If they say “You can’t” or “I don’t know”, you could still offer to help. For instance, you could reply with:

  • “Ok. But one thing I thought you might find helpful would be X. Would that be useful?” or
  • “Would it help, if I shared some of the things other people are asking me to do for them?” or
  • “Sure. But, before I go, would you like to hear some of the new trends I’m seeing in your sector?”
  • Etc etc

These will all get a positive response. Either they take your help. Or they won’t – but they’ll thank you for offering.

Either way – a win:win.

And that’s it.

Super-easy and super-useful. Which means this week’s…

…Action Point is…

… End every meeting today with “Before we go, how else can I help you?”

It’s a quick way to be a lot more valuable!

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