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30th November 2021

When people get emails, they read the:

  1. Sender’s name, and then
  2. Title

And, based on these two, they’ll decide whether to open the email or not.

So, to ensure they open yours, your titles must be as engaging as possible.

But most titles aren’t, are they? ‘FYI’. ‘Update’. ‘Miscellaneous’. ‘Project 12’…

A better, simple way to write engaging titles is to… well, use an engaging word – like this title:

       Project X – a quick question to ask…

This is a great title. Readers will open it because (1) it’s quick (2) they want to know what the question is.


  • Project X – good news! (Readers think "What’s the news?")
  • Project X – a favour? (What is it?)
  • Project X – some advice? (About what?)
  • Project X – a new idea (what is it?)

It’s as easy as that. To get your emails opened, your title needs:

  1. The traditional title – ‘Project X’
  2. An engaging add-on – ‘a quick question…’

Does this work?

Well, based on the title, you opened this Tip!

Action Point

Next email – improve your title!

And, when it works, keep doing it.

And then check these out.

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