Bounds bite: how to beat the competition, when they are bigger and richer than you

23rd April 2014

…So, when I’m talking to potential customers, I don’t base my proposition around driving. I’d lose every time.

And I don’t have a £multi-million advertising budget. So I don’t try to out-advertise multi-nationals.

Nor do I have a global network of associates. So, when pitching against global competitors, I don’t base everything on my global reach. Again, I’d always leave it.

By now, you’re probably thinking: ‘how does he ever get any business?!’

Well, the answer’s simple: I work out what I can do that nobody else can offer. And then, when I find someone who wants that, I win every time.

Beating big competitors can seem hard. And it’s virtually impossible if you play their game, not yours. But when you play your game, they have no chance.

Check out this video about David meeting Goliath. As you’ll see, because little David played to his strengths, the bigger, richer Goliath’s failure was more than a possibility… it was inevitable.

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