Brilliant communicators – are they born or made?

2nd July 2019

Some people just seem to be brilliant communicators, don’t they?

But is it nature or nurture? Are they born like that, or have they made themselves that way?

Many people say it’s a bit of both. Yes, some people are born with natural talents, that they improve through practice.

And some say that they’ve made themselves that way. In other words, they’ve diligently invested time improving their comms skills until they became brilliant.

But nobody is just born that way. Never.

Every brilliant communicator has put in more than no effort to become that good.

Which means, of course, that they weren’t as brilliant as they are now.

So, do you want to be better?

If so, practise more. The best communicators do.

For example: making a presentation? Say it out loud a few times until it flows and is impressive.

Nobody’s born brilliant. I’ve certainly never heard of a midwife carrying a newborn to his proud parents saying “ah look, you’ve had a little brilliant communicator.”

Action Point

Practise more! That important meeting/presentation you have today? Say it out loud a few times before you go. You’ll impress them more if you do…

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