Cannelloni not Spaghetti = the secret of great communication

9th November 2021

It’s easy to communicate too much stuff.

Think it. Say it. Forget it.

But this means everyone hears lots of messages from you.

And, just like a plate of spaghetti, there’s lots of stuff, going in all sorts of directions.

It’s hard to understand what’s important, and therefore what to do after you’ve heard it.

It’s easier for them if you serve cannelloni, not spaghetti.

So, 2-3 substantial things only. This means your priorities are clearer. And easier to remember. There’s no need to refer back to a huge PowerPoint to remember them.

Obvious, yes.

But unfortunately, we see Spaghetti Communication all over the place – including from some:

  • Politicians – “Support Owen Paterson. Don’t support him. Wear masks. Don’t. Work from home. Go to the office”
  • Leaders – “Here are my eight urgent priorities – for this month, anyway”
  • Marketing – “Here’s our 12-page value proposition, listing 36 reasons why we’re better”
  • Sales – “We were founded in 1922 (we’re old). Here’s a map of our offices (we’re everywhere). And here are all our products – most of which aren’t relevant to you”

The solution?

  1. Have fewer priorities
  2. Keep repeating them
  3. The other, less important stuff? Don’t say them

(This is why conference speakers deliver a ‘keynote’ – so called because it’s supposed to contain one key note. In other words, one piece of cannelloni that we continually reinforce, to hammer the message home)

Today, when you communicate: remember the fewer things you say, the easier it is for them to buy-in, remember and act on.

Action Point

Preview today’s meetings and other communications.

For each, be clear on your desired outcome, and your 2-3 key messages, to achieve it.

Anything else? Press ‘delete’.

Plus, this will help

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