Childish communications

8th December 2020

When Child #3 was little, I offered to brush her hair.

She patted me on the arm, and said – in a very patronising voice

No, no… daddies don’t brush hair. When you’re older – and your eyebrows are smaller – then you’ll be a woman. And then you can brush it.


Isn’t it odd how others see things very differently to how we do!

Which is why, to get their buy-in, we have to communicate from their point of view.

(Even when, like with Child #3, I’m fairly sure I’m right and they’re wrong!)

And the most important time to do this?

The start.

Your first impression.

Your title, subtitle and introduction.

After all, would you rather attend a meeting called “weekly update – one hour” or “quick meeting to agree this week’s priorities – 15 minutes”?

Would you rather read a proposal titled “Our Proposal” or “Proposal: how you’ll generate £50m in three months”?

And would you rather open a Tuesday Tip called “Communication Technique #7” or “Childish Communications”?!

Action Point

In your next communication, get your start right.

Think what they’re interested in, and talk about that.

Get buy-in then, and you should be ok. Lose them then, and you won’t.

And then, of course, there’s this…

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