Christmas Quiz 2017

19th December 2017

Hi there,

I hope you’ve had a great year, and are now winding down, ready to spend time with your family and friends.

Here are a few puzzles to share with them. Or just grab a coffee and do now.

I’ll send the answers tomorrow. If you just can’t wait, let me know and I’ll send them today.

I’ll leave you alone over Christmas, so the next Tip will be with you on 9th January.

Happy holidays,

Question 1

A graduate applying for a pilot job with a major airline was asked what he would do if, after a long-haul flight to Sydney, he met the captain wearing a dress in the hotel bar. How should he reply?

Question 2

What side of a dog has the most hair?

Question 3

What can you put in a wooden box that would make it lighter? In fact, the more of them you put in, the lighter it becomes. But the box stays empty.

Question 4

The 60th and 62nd British Prime Ministers have the same mother and father. But they were not brothers. How did this happen?

Question 5

A man built a rectangular house, each side having a southern view. He saw a bear. What colour is it?

Question 6

What percentage of men marry their widow’s sister?

Question 7

Jane’s parents have three children – one is called April; one is called May. What’s the third one called?

Question 8

A farmer has fifteen cows. All but eight die. How many does he have left?

Question 9

A man and woman run through a field holding hands, running towards the sunset. Suddenly, the man moves off his straight-line course, and starts veering to his left. At the same time, the woman begins veering off to her right. They continue this for a full 30 seconds, but never let go of each other’s hand. How is this possible?

Question 10

A customer walks into a shop to buy something. He has this conversation with the assistant:

Customer: how much does it cost for 1?
Assistant: £2
Customer: and how much for 10?
Assistant: £4
Customer: how much for 100?
Assistant: £6

What was the man buying?

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