Communication lessons from our government

5th January 2021

Our government has communicated a lot with us over the past 12 months (like last night, for example).

You’ll have your views on how well/badly they’re doing. But – whatever your views – there are many things we all now know we want from our leaders’ comms to us. We want:

  1. People we trust and respect
  2. To make decisions we agree with – either because we did anyway, or because of their persuasive messaging
  3. To give clear messages, that are easy to understand and act on
  4. To be consistent in their messaging, and their basis for decision making
  5. To tell the truth
  6. To use the right level of command-and-control – which is usually ‘more than none, and less than total’
  7. To use appropriate punishment if we don’t do what they want
  8. To follow their own rules

As I say, you’ll have your own views on how well they’re doing.

But how do you stack up compared to them?

Re-read these eight points. Do you do them all?

(And if you want to be 100% sure, ask your Direct Reports or customers for 360 feedback about this)

If not, I have a New Year’s Resolution for you…

Action Point

… starting doing all eight!

Here’s how…

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