Complex or Contentious Communications – the Golden Rule

20th July 2021

Some comms are trickier than others.

In particular, when the subject is complex and/or contentious.

The Golden Rule for these tricky comms:

  1. Go verbal
  2. Go early

In other words:

  1. VERBAL. Say – don’t write – your message to them. Ask for their thoughts, questions and concerns. You can verbally respond there and then, removing their doubt. And, if their question means you need do more research, promise you’ll do that and get back to them asap
  2. EARLY. Delay is never good. Complex stuff gets more complex. Contentious stuff gets… well, a lot worse

Of course, some of these verbal comms will need a written follow-up. But this now becomes a short confirmation – “That was a useful conversation. This email confirms what we agreed, namely XXX” etc

Does going (1) verbal (2) early make everything easy?

No, of course not. This stuff can be tricky.

But verbal and early is often your best option.

Which means…

Action Point

What’s your most complex/contentious communication today?

Will it help you and them to go verbal and early?

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