Customer Care like a NINJA!

5th July 2022

Everyone thinks they’re above average at Customer Care.

But that isn’t how averages work.

After all, half of us are worse than average!

So how can we ensure we’re above average?

There are lots of Customer Care models, of course. But my favourite one is this:


In other words, do the basics brilliantly. But sprinkle some magic moments they weren’t expecting.

When I’ve shared this approach with others, some people get confused with what a “magic moment” is. They say things like it’s magic to deliver everything they promised, do phenomenal work, return the customer’s call within a day, hit deadlines, and so on.

But that’s a basic, core part of your delivery. Let’s face it – we should be doing these things!

The way I differentiate between the two:

  1. Brilliant Basics are what you promised you’d deliver in your Statement Of Work
  2. Magic Moments are surprises they weren’t expecting

Examples of Magic Moments therefore include:

  • Introducing them to a useful contact
  • Inviting them to an event
  • Sending them an article you know they’ll find useful
  • Contacting them out of the blue, with some advice on a topic unrelated to the project you are working on
  • etc

These things – and others like them – won’t appear in any Statement Of Work. But they give a customer a wonderful Magic Moment. Great for them. And therefore great for you.

So whereas I know that you are above average at customer service, it might just be worth doing this …

Action Point

  • Brilliant basics – review how you do everything. Do you always deliver what you promise? To the quality you promised? To the timescales you promised?
  • Magic moments – every project, do you always do something the other person wasn’t expecting?

If you do, brilliant! You are above average. But if not, that’s cool – it’s an easy fix!

My online sales training videos contain lots of other Magic Moments you can use too.

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