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26th May 2020

This pesky lockdown means we’re sending more emails than ever before.

But have you noticed how the increase in quantity has NOT been matched by an increase in quality!

So, for your next email, try this…

#1 Start with the DO

DON’T start with the subject line.

Instead, go to the bottom – just above your autosignature – and write what you want the reader to DO after they’ve read it.

(If you don’t ask them to do anything, they won’t do anything).

My favourite wording is:

“Please can you (their action) by (their deadline). And then I will (what I’ll do, after they’ve done their action)”

#2 Write an engaging subject line

Go to the subject line, and write something engaging.

(If your title isn’t engaging, they might not even open it)

The easiest way is to (1) use your usual title plus (2) add an engaging half-sentence so they open it.

So if you were going to title it ‘X’, you could instead use:

  • X – a quick question to ask…
  • X – a favour?
  • X – some advice?

#3 Write your content – keep it short

Now that you’ve engaged them (step 2) and given a clear DO (step 1), there isn’t much – if anything – left to say.

So now write your content, remembering ‘Short Is Good’.

And that’s it. Happy emailing!

Action Point

Use this format in your next email, and see what happens (I’ve a feeling they’re more likely to engage with it, and then DO what you want!)

And for more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here:

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