Don’t bore your boss!

21st May 2019

I’m often asked to help improve people’s presentations to their bosses.

Sometimes it’s the presenters who ask for my help. Usually though, it’s the Execs who call, pleading me to “improve the presentations I have to sit through.”

The bosses usually want some/all of:


Their most common complaint: “Presenters don’t tell us what they want us to do. It’s just an Info Dump.”

So, be clear what you want from them – an action, some advice, money, sponsorship, etc. If you don’t ask them, they won’t do.


Bosses want a subject matter expert, who distils key issues and tells them only what they need.

So, assume you’re trusted. Don’t overload them, by showing how busy you’ve been. Just tell them the key stuff.


They hate wordy, tedious slides. So makes yours good. Engaging titles. Few words. Nice layout (not loads of wordy bullets).


The easiest way to be impress? Ask upfront what they want you to talk about. When they reply “just X and Y”, you now have your presentation headings. It’s now relevant, shorter and better.

Action Point

Use these four tips to impress and influence your bosses.

And if you’re the boss, share them with your direct reports – or you’ll get 30 wordy slides again!

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