EASY, LOVELY SALES – the easiest way to sell more

2nd July 2024

When selling, there are two people to sell to:

  1. Contacts
  2. Strangers

But strangers are hard work. You have to meet them, impress them, build a relationship, build trust…these things take time.

It’s much easier to speak to your existing contacts, and ask them one of two questions:

  1. HOW ELSE?
  2. WHO ELSE?

In other words:

  • HOW ELSE? – “Other than the work we’re doing together, HOW ELSE can I help you?”
  • WHO ELSE? – “Of everyone you know, WHO ELSE would benefit from the work we’re doing together?”

Their only answers to both are:

  • Happy – “I know something/someone”
  • Sad – “Nothing/nobody”
  • Unsure – “I don’t know”

For the first one, that’s brilliant! You now have a chance of providing more help and/or getting a personal introduction.

If it’s either of the bottom two, simply follow up by asking something like:

  • (HOW ELSE) – “That’s great. Would you be interested in hearing what my other customers are asking me to do, to help them?”
  • (WHO ELSE) “That’s great. Please can I tell you the people who tend to benefit most from what I do?”

If they say “yes” to this – and they probably will – you now have the opportunity to talk about new ways you can add value, or find new people you can help.

Does this always work?

No, of course not. Nothing does.

But they could well do. And it won’t do you any harm to ask.

And let’s face it… both are a lot nicer than cold calling strangers!

Action Point

  • Who’s the next person you’re meeting with today?
  • Would it be appropriate to ask ‘HOW ELSE?’ or ‘WHO ELSE?’ during this conversation?
  • If so, do so!

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