ENGAGE EARLY – five easy, lovely, quick ways to engage

23rd March 2021

You know that email you got yesterday called ‘FYI’?

Did you rush to open it?

Of course not. It’s a boring title.

What about yesterday’s ‘Update’ meeting?

Did you rush to attend it?

Thought not.

But comms’ titles are their First Impressions. They’re supposed to be engaging.

And a simple way to be more engaging?

Use words that engage. Like:

  • QUICK QUESTION – say “I’ve got a quick question for you”, and people will always ask what it is. They’re now engaged! (Also, they like the fact it’s quick)
  • ADVICE – ask someone if you can ask for their advice, they’ll say “of course”. This means they want to know your next sentence. They’re engaged!
  • FAVOUR – “Can I ask a favour?” – same thing – of course they’ll say “yes”
  • GOOD NEWS – start a chat with “I’ve got some good news”, and the only response is “what is it?”

All four are much better than what we often hear – “Right you lot, it’s the same stuff as last week. We’ll try and end on time. Let’s get through it as quickly and as painlessly as we can”.

Action Point

For your next communication, use an engaging word early.

And for free videos on how to engage when you’re presenting a webinar, watch the month four “free preview” videos here.

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