Ensure people remember your key messages

4th November 2014

Two indisputable facts:

  1. An audience’s concentration drops during a presentation
  2. Presenters usually put their key messages towards the end

In other words; we usually discuss key messages when our audience has switched off!

And it’s not just presentations. People usually put key messages at the end:

  • Case studies often start with background information (less interesting) and end with the results (interesting)
  • Directors often explain the rationale behind their new vision (less interesting) first, before outlining the benefits the vision will bring (interesting)
  • When selling, companies often describe their process (less interesting) first, ending by saying “it will save you £millions” (interesting)
  • The top bullet points on slides are often the most boring (“Founded in 1922”, anyone?)

Action point

Flip your communications. Put your most critical, interesting and relevant messages first, not last. The rest of your communication then reinforces them.

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