Exciting Maths, Exciting Time Savings and Fewer Meetings!

6th April 2021

Here’s some exciting maths for you:

  • If you save ONE hour per week
  • For every week of the year
  • You’d save 52 hours over the year
  • Less a few weeks’ holiday – let’s say, 45 hours per year
  • That’s ONE working week per year

In other words, the top and bottom bullet points show that:

Save ONE hour every week saves ONE working week every year


Now, a different topic – two questions about meetings:

  1. Do you have too many of them?
  2. Of the ones you do need, are they too long?

If you said “yes” to either, the solution’s really simple:

  1. Stop the pointless ones
  2. Shorten the others

I bet if you did this, you’d save at least ONE hour per week. Which is ONE week per year.

A week you would have spent in meetings!


Action Point

Look ahead to this week’s meetings. Which can you remove? Which can you shorten?

And now remove/shorten them.

Do this every week, and you’ll save days! (This will help too).

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