Exciting meeting titles (so, not “update”)

12th March 2024

First impressions are critical. We all know this.

And when you invite someone to a meeting, their first impression of it is your meeting’s title.

But if you title it with any of the usual stuff…

  • Update
  • Meeting
  • Catch-up
  • Touch base
  • Etc

…their first impression is NOT good!

One simple way to transform your first impression therefore is to change your title.

Simply (1) write the words “Meeting to agree” and then (2) put the outcome of the meeting. For example:

  • Meeting to agree how we can all save three hours every week
  • Meeting to agree our priorities for next month
  • Meeting to agree how to guarantee a great start to the next quarter
  • Meeting to agree whether or not to cancel Project 12

All of these are infinitely better than the title “Meeting”.

Such a simple tip.

But such a huge impact.

After all, titles like this clarify the meeting’s purpose.

Which helps people see why they’re needed, how they’ll benefit by attending

Which means they’re more likely to turn up, on time, and focused…

… which ultimately will lead to a better meeting for all of you.

Another benefit: It’s super-quick. Changing your title takes 10-20 seconds max. Which means that this week’s…

Action Point is…

… to re-title your next few meetings. And then, if you find this helps, keep doing it!

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