Face-to-face Networking – step #4 (OUT)

5th April 2022

Here’s our final of four Tips about face-to-face networking.

Quick reminder – the four steps of a networking conversation are:

  1. IN – get into the conversation – see that tip here
  2. THEM – ask them questions – see that tip here
  3. ME – talk about yourself – see that tip here
  4. OUT – get out of the conversation – see below

So, we’ve now had a lovely networking chat. How do we get out of it?

Well, to be blunt, there are two types of people you network with. Those you:

  1. Want to speak with again
  2. Don’t want to speak with again

For the people you do want to speak with again, simply arrange a time for you to speak with them again!

Ask for their contact details. Ask when’s a good time for them, for you to have a follow-up chat. Job done.

But for the people you don’t want to speak with again – weirdly, these are often the hardest people to leave! You know you’re ‘finished’. But how to leave them with politeness and charm?

Here’s my favourite way to do it:

  • Ask them who’s a good contact for them (let’s say they reply, “Bankers”)
  • Then say, “If I meet any bankers at this evening’s event, would you like me to introduce them to you?” (They, of course, say “yes”!)
  • Then use the past tense, to signify your chat’s finished – “Will do! I enjoyed our conversation – thanks” (They’ll say, “I’ve enjoyed it too” – and you now both go your separate ways)

And then, when you meet a Banker later, you have an excellent final sentence to end that conversation – “earlier this evening, I met someone who’d be interested to meet with you. They’re over there. Allow me to introduce the two of you…”

Action Point

Before you go networking, create two scripts – what you’ll say to end chats with people that you:

  1. Do want to speak with again
  2. Don’t!

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