Face-to-face Networking with LEGO

15th March 2022

  • "I’ve forgotten how to do face-to-face networking"
  • "I’ve managed to survive without networking. I’m going to try and keep surviving without it!"
  • "I know I need to network. But I don’t have the skills or confidence any more"
  • “Networking? I can’t be bothered!”

I’ve heard these comments a lot recently.

But – whether we like it or not – networking’s important. It helps us grow our profile, our career, our business, our knowledge, our sales…

So let’s remind ourselves of networking best-practices – what to do, what to say, and how to feel confident when we do.

Every networking conversation has four steps – IN / THEM / ME / OUT:

  1. IN – get into the conversation – see below
  2. THEM – ask them questions
  3. ME – talk about yourself
  4. OUT – get out of the conversation

Over the next four Tuesdays, I’ll explain simple ways to master all four.

And here’s how to do the first – getting IN the conversation.

To achieve this, you only need know two things:

  1. Who to approach
  2. What to say

And in this short video, I show you how to do both (the video must be cool – it has Lego in it!)

Here’s the link to Lego Networking

Action Point

  1. Click here to watch this video on Lego networking
  2. Click here to watch more videos (the ones marked "free preview" are… well, free!)

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