Find something hard? Make it harder!

18th June 2019

There are lots of things we hate talking about…

  • Why something went wrong – especially if it’s our fault!
  • Asking for feedback, when you suspect it’ll be negative
  • Giving feedback, when you know it’ll be negative
  • Talking about price
  • And so on

The easiest way to master these hard things?

  1. Make them harder
  2. Practise them out loud

For example, let’s say you hate telling customers your price is £500.

Step 1: make it harder. Add two zeros on to it – meaning the price is now £50,000

Step 2: practise saying this ‘harder’ thing out loud. So repeat aloud "the price is £50,000… the price is £50,000"

The more you say this ‘harder thing’, the more you feel comfortable saying it.

Then, knock off the zeros and practise saying the normal amount out loud. "The price is £500…"

And all of a sudden the price £500 seems like a bargain!

And next time you say it to a customer, you’ll say it with much more certainty and confidence. And when that happens, they’re more likely to buy-in. And – more importantly – buy.

Action Point

You know that conversation you’re dreading today? Well, make it harder and practise it aloud a few times. That should make things easier later – for both you and them.

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