First Impressions – nail all the Big Five

4th May 2021

“You’re rubbish at that, Andy”

So said my Tennis Coach when describing my serve.

And it’s true. I’m rubbish. Which is a shame, because the serve:

  • Dictates the point. Serve well, I might win. Serve badly, I lose
  • Is the only shot where I’m not replying to my opponent’s shot. So if it’s rubbish, it’s my fault!

It’s the same in communication. Your start (= serve):

  • Dictates how well it goes
  • If it’s rubbish, it’s your fault – they haven’t spoken yet!

Five things impact your start – your:

  1. Words you say
  2. Titles / subtitles
  3. Delivery
  4. Visuals
  5. Appearance – on a VC, what you and your background look like

We all know First Impressions are critical. But how good are you at all five?

For example, do a quick test now. Grade yourself A-C for how good you are at each. If you have 5 A+‘s, that’s brilliant. If you don’t…

Action Point

… improve your First Impressions – example:

  1. Script and practise your start
  2. Ensure your title / subtitle contains a benefit to the audience
  3. Practise your delivery. Lean forward. Speak with passion. Smile
  4. Improve your visuals – better titles, fewer words, make them look nice
  5. Wear the right stuff. No distractions behind you

And also watch these…

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