Four great things to say when you’re networking

19th March 2019

Ah, networking – the joys of talking to loads of strangers…

It’s daunting. But here are four things to say, to make it easier:

#1 – “Mind if I join you?”

This is the easiest way to start a conversation. Approach someone, and ask it – they’ll welcome you in. Trust me nobody will say “I do mind – go away!”

#2 – “What are you responsible for?”

When you ask this question, their reply tells you their main focus – “To generate sales”, “To keep our clients happy” etc.

Once you know this, it’s easier to say things you know they’ll find interesting and useful.

#3 – “That sounds hard!”

This one’s a belter. You’ll meet people who do things that you’ve no idea about. And when you say “that sounds hard”, they (1) feel flattered and (2) talk more about what they do. Two great outcomes!

#4 – “Tell me more?”

The more they speak, the easier it is. So, when they tell you something, ask this – and they’ll tell you more!

Action Point

To get more from your next networking event – and to reduce your nerves – use some of these phrases. Obviously, the more you prepare before you go in, the more you’ll get out after it.

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