Four things you should NEVER say

6th August 2019

#1 I know you can’t read the small writing on this slide, but…

But WHAT?!

Slides are supposed to be for the audience, not you. If you want Speaker Notes, put them on notes only you can see – not the shiny thing the audience is looking at. If they can’t read your slides, that’s just irritating.

The solution? Use bigger, fewer words.

#2 You don’t need to look at this slide. Or this one…

I HATE this.

It makes me think “If I don’t need to see these slides, why are you showing them to me? Don’t edit your presentation in front of me. Do it at your desk beforehand.”

#3 Thank you for sparing your time to see me

I know the person you’re meeting is busy. But so are you. And sentences like this show you’re being deferential. And people want you to be valuable, not subservient.

A more ‘equal’ start – “I’ve been looking forward to our meeting. How are you?” – works much better.

#4 I’ll try…

As Yoda once said “Do or do not. There is no try.”

When we say “I’ll try”, we’re often giving ourselves a get-out, in case it doesn’t work.

So replace “try” with “do”.

If Yoda says it, it must be right.

Action Point

Do you say any/all of these phrases?

If so, stop!

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