Get more meetings with more Decision Makers (part 2)

1st February 2022

Here’s the second set of tips for how to get more meetings with more Decision Makers (DMs)…

(Quick reminder – last week’s were:

  • Contacts first; strangers last
  • Get to verbal ASAP)
  1. When speaking to strangers, recommendations are best

After you’ve exhausted your contact sphere, it’s now time to approach strangers.

And the best, easiest way to do this is to ask a mutual contact to recommend you. After all, since the stranger trusts your mutual contact, it accelerates her trust in you.

Here’s a great script, to motivate people to refer you:

You: Please can I ask your advice?
Referrer: Yes
You: On LinkedIn/your organisation chart, I see you know Mrs X. I’d love to speak with her, to see whether I can help her to (benefit you’ll deliver for Mrs X). I don’t want to cold call her. So how would you advise I approach her?
Referrer: I’ll introduce you

I LOVE this script! It means you get the recommendation without saying the word ‘recommendation’!

  1. Change your diary

The only way to have the time – and to remember – to generate these meetings is if you schedule time in your diary.

For example, if you want to ask for more referrals, insert a weekly diary entry called “ask for referrals”.

Without this, you will forget and/or not have time to do it.

But with this, it guarantees you’ll do it. Unless of course, you press “delete reminder” – which leads to the final tip…

  1. Don’t press “delete reminder”

When your diary reminds you to prospect, do it.

Action Point

Set up new meetings with DMs using these techniques – after all, they’re easy, quick and nice! And once you’re in the meetings, here’s how to impress them.

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