7th February 2023

I saw this on LinkedIn recently:

We offer three kinds of services – GOOD – CHEAP – FAST.

But you can only pick two:

  • FAST and GOOD won’t be CHEAP
  • CHEAP and FAST won’t be GOOD
  • GOOD and CHEAP won’t be FAST

I love this. Because it reminds us that we can’t be all things to all people.

Instead, we need to decide what we want to be, and then focus all our attention on nailing that.

So when you think about yourself, your team, your company, your communications, your products, your services:

  1. Out of good, cheap and fast – which two do you want to be?
  2. What changes can you make, to be better at both these two?

Which leads to this week’s…

… Action Points

  1. Identify which two you want to be.
  2. Ask yourself "how good am I, at being both of these two?"
  3. Ask yourself "how good would others say I am, at being these two?"
  4. What can I do differently, to be even better?

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