Have you done this, to grab attention?

27th September 2022

Have you ever been to a Teams meeting which was rubbish?

Or received an email from someone which was long, meandering and dull?

Or sat through a presentation, where the presenter read out word-for-word their very verbose slides?

Yes, yes and yes?

Thought so. Everybody has.

There are lots of ways to improve comms like this, of course.

But one easy way is to ensure you…

       Engage people early

After all, your start is your First Impression – and we all know how critical they are.

An easy way to do this is to use the phrase ‘have you ever’, followed by something familiar to them.

(Look at this Tip’s title and top paragraphs for examples!)

This phrase draws people in. It adds humour – they’re likely to smile. It’s all good.

And it’s certainly a LOT better than the traditional start of ‘we were founded in 1922’… and ‘here’s a map of our offices’

Action Point

Next presentation, invest time on your start.

Engage them then, and you’ll be fine. Lose them then, and… well you won’t.

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