Have you heard the secret about Star Wars?

9th February 2016

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a new Star Wars film out.

Apparently, it’s done quite well at the box office.

And why has it done so well?

Well, lots of reasons – one being that it’s really good.

But another is how cleverly they’ve used all the new technology at their disposal to enhance the old things fans loved. So there are lots of familiar faces, storylines, practical effects instead of computer generated ones, and so on.

And the link to communication?

Well, just like the Star Wars creators, you have lots of new communication technology at your disposal – social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, high-quality video conferences etc.

In fact, you have more choice than ever.

So how to choose the best one? Do you use the best technology there is? Or the best technology for that communication? For example…

  • Leaders – your teams want to see you more. Walk the floor. Don’t just email
  • Regular video conferencers – are they always the best bet? Would face-to-face be better sometimes? Or, is video sometimes not needed, and a shorter call would work better?
  • Conference callers: if your calls tend to be just one person talking, suggest that person emails everything they were going to talk about for an hour (maybe followed up with a short call to discuss the highlights).
  • Emailers: pick up the phone more.

And don’t do what an office junior did who worked for us many years ago…hand in her notice by text!

Action point

Look at the comms you’ve got coming up today. Are you using the right technology for them? Or would they improve if you changed it – call, not email; face-to-face, not conference call, etc.

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