How I helped 500 hairdressers sell more (not bad, for a bald man)

18th May 2021

I once spoke at a hairdressers and beauticians conference.

I know what you’re thinking – “how desperate must they have been to hire a speaker with no hair or beauty?”

Clearly, I didn’t have any personal experiences I could use. So I followed my Prep Golden Rule:


(= Do lots of RESEARCH, so I can TEACH people valuable things)

So I asked people with hair – I managed to find some – and found one recurring theme:

Many told me their hairdresser’s #1 focus was on how great their hair looked when they left the salon.

But my friends were then frustrated they didn’t have the skills or time to make it look as good again themselves.

I told my conference audience this. I suggested different questions they could ask instead – ‘how easy do you want it to be, to maintain your hair yourself?’ etc

After the conference, loads of them contacted me, saying they’d changed their questions, which had led to more repeat business and referrals for them.

Which all goes to show – if a bald person can teach hairdressers something, you can teach anyone anything.

As long as you RESEARCH TO TEACH.

Action Point

For your next meeting, “research to teach” them. A great way to add value to them – and to you.

These will help you nail this…

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