How Leaders should follow-up webinars

19th May 2020

A Leader has three roles with their team:

  1. Role model
  2. Proactively lead
  3. Instantly react when someone doesn’t do what you’ve asked (reminder: when you ignore bad behaviour, you endorse it)

When it comes to their team attending Training Webinars, the Leader has the same roles:

  1. Role model – the Leader should attend the webinar, and act as the ‘perfect delegate’
  2. Proactively lead – immediately afterwards, set expectations for how things will be from now on
  3. Instantly react – if someone reverts to pre-training ways, step-in immediately to remind them things have changed now

When I train companies, I always state upfront that their Leadership will make or break its long-term success.

And that, if they do all three of their roles brilliantly, the training will definitely work. But if they don’t, it won’t.

So for your next training webinar…

Action Point

If you’re a Leader, do these three roles every time.

If you’re a trainer, work with your customers’ Leaders, to ensure they excel in all three.

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