How many “interesting things” should you do?

20th April 2021

Two challenges:

  1. You want your comms to be interesting
  2. You don’t want to spend ages making them interesting

So how many interesting things should you include?

The answer is simple:


After all, if you don’t have “more than no” interesting things, it’s all boring.

And by “interesting thing”, I just mean things people find interesting:

  • Ask a question
  • Tell a joke
  • Share a real-life story
  • Use an analogy
  • Give them a quiz
  • Use an interesting stat
  • Etc

Lists like this can look daunting.

Until you realise you just need to use “more than none” of them.

And that sounds pretty easy!

Action Point

Make your next communication more interesting. It’s easy. Just use “more than none” of this list! And here are 143 other ways to be interesting.

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