How many slides should you use? (spoiler alert: not many!)

23rd February 2021

I get asked this a lot:

       "How many slides should I use?"

My guidelines for me are:

  1. A maximum of 1 slide every 3 minutes
  2. Ask a minimum of 1 question every 2 slides

So for a thirty-minute webinar, I’ll probably:

  • Have 10 slides – probably less
  • Ask 5 questions – probably more

Two points about these guidelines:

  1. The actual numbers vary from webinar to webinar, of course. In fact, I often only use 0-5 slides for a 30-minute webinar
  2. These numbers probably won’t be right for you. So choose your own guidelines. But…

… it’s important you DO have guidelines. After all, most people:

  • Have too many slides, and
  • Ask too few questions

Which means they are the only ones doing any talking.

And this "talking" is often just them reading aloud lots of wordy slides!

Action Point

Nice and easy: use fewer slides; ask more questions.

Do this, and you’ve turned your rant into a chat!

And here’s a short video, explaining how to simplify the slides you do use.

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