How to be memorable

10th March 2020

There’s no point telling people stuff, if they forget it five minutes later.

So the more memorable you are, the more effective you are.

I was reminded of this recently. Someone told me they’d created a 12-step sales process.

But nobody will remember all 12 in the stress of a sale. (Even he had to check his slides to remind him what number #11 was!)

That’s no use. It might be thorough. But if people forget it when it matters… as I say, no use.

Instead, to be more memorable:

  1. Fewer points
  2. Easy to remember

So, if you have lots of points, sub-group them into 2-3 main ones.

And then make these 2-3 points easy to remember – say, by using their initials to spell a word/phrase. For example, my three-step approach to selling is ABC:

  • AFTERs – find what the customer wants to achieve AFTER working with you
  • Build certainty – prove that you’ll deliver these AFTERs for them
  • Close – agree next steps

It might not be as thorough as the big 12-step programme. But it’s easy to remember when it matters.

And that, of course, is the only thing that matters.

Action Point

Next time you’ve a long list to share, sub-group them, and make them easier to remember. You’ll be more memorable – and successful – when you do.

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