How to be POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE when homeworking

7th April 2020

We’re all more isolated than we were.

And so are the people we speak with.

So here are simple ways to help you and them stay positive and productive:

  1. SET-UP. Be clear where/when you’ll work, and where/when you won’t. Make sure your workstation is easy to work from, with no distractions. And that everywhere else is fun to be, with no work distractions
  2. NO-GO AREAS. You have to get away from work. So, make some no-go areas. In my house, we have no-go rules. Like, no work after 6pm. No work in rooms where the kids are playing. And definitely no smartphones in the bedroom. Ever.
  3. SEEK ENERGY. Make sure you find time to do things that make you feel good – fresh air breaks, exercise, watch some comedy etc – anything that gives you energy
  4. CHAT. Speak with people regularly. Make lots of short phone calls. Chat with your friends. Don’t be lonely
  5. ADD VALUE. Like you, others need help being positive and productive too. So do your best to help them

So they’re my top five tips. What are yours?

Action Point

Your world is different now. Maybe not as much fun.

So do something different to make sure it stays fun.

And here are lots of other new things you can do:

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