How to cascade your boss’s comms

1st October 2019

Communicating someone’s message is hard. That’s not surprising – it’s their message, not yours.

But if you’re to do it well, you must add value to it.

After all, if you don’t, there’s no point the message coming through you. Your boss would be better-off bypassing you, and presenting it to your team directly.

To add this value, just do my 4Ps:

  • Personalise – add your own personal slant to the message. This could be your relevant past experiences, relevant examples that are tailored to your team, etc
  • Present it – cascade it verbally. Emailing your boss’s comms to your team with “FYI” does not work!
  • Practise out loud – the more you say it out loud, the more it flows and sounds impressive
  • Passion – find your passion about the subject. Because, if you don’t care, neither will your team

Action Point

Next time someone asks you to cascade their message, use the 4Ps. It’s a very quick way to make you – and your boss – look much better!

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