How to create an amazing Elevator Pitch (Part 1)

27th October 2020

You’re in a ‘virtual elevator’.

Someone asks what you do. What’s your answer?

Your answer is your first impression. It must be good.

But most people’s aren’t.

They talk about what they are (“I’m an accountant”) or what they do (“I prepare tax returns”).

But people are more interested in what you cause. Why they’re better-off AFTER you (“I help people pay less tax”).

We only want to know these AFTERs. After all, who would you rather meet in an elevator?

  • “I work in marketing” or “I help businesses win more sales”
  • “I’m a personal trainer” or “I help people look amazing”
  • “I’m a lawyer” or “I keep people out of jail”

Since people only care why they’re better-off AFTER you, how will you introduce yourself in your next elevator?

Action Point

Focus on the AFTERs. They’ll be more interested when you do.

In fact, AFTERs are so important – they’re the topic I cover in most depth on my online videos here.

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