How to create an amazing Elevator Pitch (Part 2)

3rd November 2020

Last week, I showed how to create an Elevator Pitch using AFTERs – why people are better-off AFTER you.

After you’ve introduced yourself this way, here are two ways to follow-up, so you continue to impress.

#1 Ask about them

When you intro with AFTERs (“I help people pay less tax”), they’ll reply with “How do you do that?”

You could reply “It depends. Please can I ask a few questions about your company, so I can give relevant examples?”

(They’ll say “Yes” to this – nobody wants you to be irrelevant!)

And you’ve now got them talking about themselves. Which, firstly, is more polite. Plus also, when you know about them, you know whether you – or anyone – can help them.

#2 Tell stories

Facts tell, stories sell! They evidence you’re great at what you do.

So don’t state facts about your products. Instead, use stories.

Them: How do you do that?

You: For example, I recently worked with a large bank, and helped them to save £20m. What happened was…

Both #1 and #2 lead to a two-way, valuable, impressive conversation.

Pretty good for one elevator ride!

Action Point

Use one/both of these to enhance your elevator script.

To learn more on this, month 3’s videos go into a lot more detail about how to nail your first impression – click here.

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