How to follow-up a training webinar, so it works

21st July 2020

I HATE traditional training.

You know the sort of thing – people rock-up to a room/Zoom. They don’t want to be there. The trainer teaches some theory. People say they’ll use what they’ve learned.

But they don’t.

Or they do for a bit, then slip back to old ways.

That’s a waste of time, money, energy… and the will to live. I HATE it.

One problem with training is that it’s a short-term thing that’s supposed to cause a long-term impact.

But that won’t happen. It isn’t long-term enough.

So, a critical part of preparing training is to prepare your follow-up.

E.g, you could schedule follow-ups where delegates are accountable for using what they’ve learned. They’d have to share three things:

  • The best successes they’ve had since the training
  • The techniques they used to achieve these successes
  • The benefits these successes have given them/the company

This works great – after all, nobody wants to be the one who hasn’t done it.

Short summary: ‘Training only = bad. Training + follow-up = good’

How good will your next training webinar be?

Action Point

Next workshop, diarise (1) the workshop and (2) the follow-up. Doing both transforms your impact.

And for more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here: andyboundsonline.

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