How to follow-up coaching and training – so it works

12th July 2022

The aim of coaching / training is to:

       Change people’s habits

In other words, to improve how they naturally behave – so they automatically do the ‘right thing’.

But there’s a problem:

  • Habits are long-term
  • Training/coaching is short-term

That’s why people slip back to their old ways.

Instead, to change long-term habits, we need long-term follow-up.

And my favourite way to do this is with "Best thing / Next thing".

So, after their training/coaching, book in regular, short follow-ups, where you ask:

  1. Best thing – what’s the best thing you’ve achieved since the training/coaching?
  2. Next thing – what’s the next thing you’re planning to do, to continue to improve?

The first question shows you’re expecting them to have done something. If they have, praise them, and ask how they can embed further. If they haven’t, ask why not, and help them do better going forwards.

The second shows you’re expecting them to continue to improve. Again, if they have a plan for their next thing, great – ask what help they need etc. But if they don’t, ask why not, and help them get one.

And then repeat, repeat, repeat…

…until habits change.

Action Point

Before your – or your team’s – next training / coaching session, book in regular, short ‘Best thing/next thing’ follow-ups.

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