How to go TWO extra miles

8th January 2019

Happy New Year!

When you work with customers and colleagues, do you go the EXTRA mile?

I bet you said ‘yes’.

Everyone says ‘yes’ to this.

But that can’t be true. Because, if everyone did it, it wouldn’t be “extra”.

And here’s another question:

When you communicate, do you go the extra mile?

Again, most people say they do.

But most don’t.

Which means, because most people don’t go the extra mile…


For example:

  1. Spend an extra few minutes preparing your comms, so they’re more impressive and fun
  2. Before a presentation, ask yourself ‘is this interesting?’ If it isn’t, add something they’ll like
  3. Do something different and fun in your weekly meetings
  4. Ask more questions. People love to be asked their opinion – especially people you don’t usually ask
  5. Shorten your comms – nobody likes long ones

All these are easy. All make things better. Do one, and you’re already going the extra mile. Do two… and there’s no stopping you!

Action Point

Do any of these five – or something else impressive – right now! And you’re already standing out from the crowd.

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