How to roll-out this year’s strategy (Part 1 – the right plan)

14th January 2020

It’s that time of year where companies are rolling-out new strategies.

So here’s the first of three Tips, to help ensure your roll-out works.

This one focuses on creating the right Comms Plan. You’ll need at least the following:

  1. A schedule – a clear plan of WHAT you’re saying, WHEN. This’ll include your initial presentation, and all follow-ups
  2. Presentation – ensure your roll-out presentation is impressive and convincing. Next week’s Tip will help with this
  3. Cascade – if other people are cascading your strategy to their teams (or you’re cascading someone else’s strategy to yours), invest time on this (my Tip in two weeks will help with this)
  4. Follow-ups – you want to cause long-term change. So you’ll have to follow-up in the long-term. This could be some/all of:
  • Weekly email prompts
  • Regular Success Shares
  • Prominent reminders – posters on the wall etc – so it’s front-of-mind
  • Publicly reward and recognise Early Adopters
  • Privately step-in when people slip back to last year’s ways

The key point here: one presentation given once won’t cut it. You need your presentation plus follow-ups.

Action Point

Write your Plan ensuring it contains all four points. If in doubt, add more follow-ups!

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