How to roll-out this year’s strategy (Part 3 – the cascade)

28th January 2020

This is the third of my Tips about your new strategy.

This focuses on how to cascade it to your team – my 4Ps:

  1. PERSONALISE – you have to add value to the presentation. If you don’t, there’s no point you presenting it – the boss should’ve presented it directly to your team and missed you out! So, add your experiences and insights, highlight which parts are most relevant to your team etc
  2. PASSION – if you don’t care, they won’t. So, find your passion! What parts of the strategy do you most care about? Which bits will your team be most passionate about?
  3. PRACTICE – you must practice! It’s hard enough to deliver your own presentations. But delivering someone else’s won’t go well if you wing it. So book time in your diary to practice
  4. PRESENT IT – an obvious one, maybe. But make sure you present it verbally. Don’t just forward the boss’s email saying "FYI"!

(I’ve written these assuming you’re delivering your boss’s strategy. But if you’re the boss, forward it to your team).

The key thing is: add value. If you don’t, there’s no point you doing it!

Action Point

Put time in your diary to make sure you prepare your cascade. The better you do it, the better for everyone.

And for more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here:

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