How to run brilliant Virtual Meetings

14th April 2020

Imagine being invited to this virtual meeting…


  1. Discuss X
  2. Review Y
  3. Any other business

Duration: one hour

I HATE agendas like this. I know the meeting will be too long and boring.

But make these simple changes, and it’ll be better:

  • CLEAR OUTCOMES – State upfront the outcomes you want to achieve. These will be one/both of the 2As – Action or Agreement. Include these outcomes in (1) the title and (2) each agenda item. Example: replace words like “discuss” (input) with “agree whether to do X or not” (outcome)
  • Always end with actions – or there won’t be any
  • Avoid Diary Tennis later by agreeing next meeting’s date during this one
  • Stop scheduling one-hour, back-to-back meetings – that’s just nuts

Making these changes gives us this agenda:

Meeting to agree next actions with X and Y

  1. Agree whether to do X or not
  2. Agree our #1 priority for Y
  3. Actions arising
  4. Date of next meeting

Max duration = 20 minutes

Compare this to the one above. It’s much better.

It’s a meeting I’d like to go to – unlike the first one!

Action Point

Change your next agenda to being outcome-focused. You’ll achieve a lot more outcomes!

And also visit for more small tweaks that will make a massive difference to all your comms.

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