How to Save One Week Every Year. Guaranteed.

16th June 2020

If you could somehow save 12 minutes every working day…

You’d save one hour per week…

And if you do that every week you’re at work (after holidays, say, 45 weeks per year), you’d save 45 hours a year…

Which is more than one working week!!

That’s an amazing stat: saving 12 minutes a day equates to saving one week a year.

One whole week!

What’d you do with that week?! Let me guess: whatever it is, it wouldn’t be sitting in tedious virtual meetings.

My advice: bust a gut to save 12 minutes every day.

And here’s my favourite way to do this…

NEVER schedule a meeting for one hour (they always drag on anyway, don’t they?)

Instead, schedule them for 45 minutes. Do that for one meeting every day, and you’ll save yourself one week a year.

Do it for two meetings a day, and you’ve saved yourself a fortnight.

Can you see a good reason NOT to do this?

No – me neither!

Action Point

Look in your diary at all the meetings you’ve got scheduled for the next week. For every one you can, reduce it to 45 minutes. Repeat that every week. And then dream about what you’ll do with your extra week off…

And for another easy way you can get lots of value? Check out these videos…

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