How to stay relevant, useful and happy during the Virus Crisis

21st April 2020

This lockdown sure has changed things at work, hasn’t it?

And with change, it’s easy to feel unsettled and out of control.

In fact, many people are thinking “I’m not as useful to my customers and colleagues as I used to be.”

DON’T think like this!

Instead – to ensure you stay relevant, useful and happy – do this:

  1. AFTERs – list all the outcomes people get AFTER working with you (example: you might help them achieve more, sell more, save costs, save time, look good)
  2. DELIVERABLES – list all the ways you deliver these AFTERs. Include everything you do now, plus new things you could start doing (work hard at this – get at least 15-20)
  3. HIGHLIGHT – of these deliverables, cross-out the ones that only work face-to-face. Highlight the rest. These are your new options

You’ll see you have lots of highlighted stuff!

This means your new job is to (1) cause AFTERs by (2) using (maybe) new deliverables.

Remember: your customers and colleagues still want AFTERs from you.

How will you ensure they get them?

Action Point

Do these three steps. Find new ways to deliver value. Then, do them. Everyone benefits when you do.

And then – for more new, valuable ways to learn more new, valuable stuff – check this out…

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